Roebuck Hunt

The season opens on May 11 and continues to the end of September.

Stalking roebucks in the spring is all ways a very joyful experience – everything is blooming, fresh and green and the low vegetation gives a good opportunity to spot many bucks in the beautiful landscape.
The rut runs from July to August.
Stalking during the rut is fascinating – the bucks are very active and the opportunity to take good heads are very likely because even strong and spooky bucks that have been hiding comes out in the open looking for roes in heat. At this time of the year it is also possible with success to call in the bucks. A must try for all keen roebuck-lovers.
We take roebucks in different sizes but our average is around 200-300 gram netto. This covers a large difference in weight from the tiny but yet very interesting buck with a abnormal set of antlers to the gold medal buck.

Most of our buck-hunters book a 3 day stay with us but you are always welcome to stay longer. A 3 day stay includes 6 outings (morning and evening stalk).

I work with hunting-clubs (the owner of the hunting rights) all over Poland and can therefore offer you almost anything you want from landscape to the size of the heads you are afte.

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We should be very happy to answer your questions.