Driven Hunt

Normally we organize driven hunts with a duration form 2-3 days. We recommend groups between 12-18 guns. According to our statistics every gun has the chance of big game between 0,8-2 per day. This large number is due to a very good wildlife management program in our areas. The driven hunts are very efficient and are always organized and carried out by very experienced hunters.

We have good beaters and specially trained dogs.
The driven hunts normally contains 7 to 10 drives per day depending on the area.
During lunch- break we provide you with a hot meal and drinks.
At the end of the hunt we keep up with our proud traditions with fire, hunting signals, election of the Hunting-King the beater who has shoot the first game of the day.

Driven hunts can either be calculated according to the price list or you can choose to buy as a package including a number of animals.

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We should be very happy to answer your questions.